Public Relations Agency of Iran (PRAI)

Specialized Center for Public Relations of Iran
Kargozar Public Relations Institute (KPRI)

Relishing the support of a highly talented and knowledgeable workforce, Kargozar Public Relations Institute (KPRI) seeks to foster a culture of hard work, creativity and distinctiveness. The institute prides itself on having promoted public relations in Iran by organizing and arranging numerous events over the years.

From KPRI’s viewpoint, public relations and its activities entail a wide spectrum of matters and its programs are designed to strengthen and preserve the reputation and credibility of companies/organizations as well as their products and services.

Likewise, the first step is publicization through a strong and continuous presence in the media and conveying the message to the audience at the right time and place. It is only in this case that public relations activities become credible and recognizable in the eyes of the audience and ultimately result in the elevated reputation of the institution.


Public Relations Agency of Iran (PRAI) Services

Public Relations Agency of Iran (PRAI), in cooperation with PR scholars, experts and specialists, provides the following services:
– Research
– Planning
– Advice
– Training
– Media and social networks
– Corporate social responsibility
– Leadership and executive capabilities

Iranian Public Relations News Network (SHARA)
A PR Medium

Iranian Public Relations News Network (SHARA) is a digital database focused on public relations topics that offers a wide range of key public relations issues, along with real-world examples, ideas and practical advice on how to succeed in public relations.

Shara was founded in April 2011 by Mehdi Bagherian, a public relations writer and activist.


Kargozar Public Relations Institute (KPRI) Publications
The first specialized publisher of public relations in Iran
Publishing is the building block of any public relations program

A- Publishing books

KPRI Publications commenced its activities back in 2004 as a specialized publisher of “Public Relations” by releasing and publishing a collection of practical books on public relations principles, foundations and techniques.

KPRI Publications is aimed at production, promotion and enhancement of the level of theoretical and empirical savvy of public relations professors, executives and experts, bolstering cooperation and scientific interaction between operators of the field in order to exchange learnings and experiences and strengthen an atmosphere of dialogue and critique of thought, help promote public relations in Iran and provide access of the public relations community to up-to-date PR references and guidebooks.
KPRI Publications has so far released over 150 book titles.

B- Specialized PR journals
1. KPRI Quarterly
KPRI Quarterly came to life in November 2001 by adopting analytical-educational and critical methods. So far, the journal has tried to be one of the main means of offering and transmitting scientific research and continuous exchange of knowledge and scientific achievements and serve as one of the important references in public relations research approved and welcomed by experts.

2. Biannual Journal of Public Relations Techniques (The first thematic public relations journal of Iran)
The first issue of the Biannual Journal of Public Relations Techniques (Iran’s first thematic publication on public relations) was published in 2002.
The publication was released in four issues with the topics of “Electronic Public Relations 1 and 2”, “Newsletter” and “Trademarks and Reputation Management”.

3. Biannual Journal of Electronic Public Relations
The first issue of the Biannual Journal of Electronic Public Relations was published in 64 special pages on “Social Media” by KPRI Publications.

4. Specialized thematic specials
KPRI Publications releases specialized thematic specials annually on various occasions. So far, it has released more than 150 special titles on various topics like Shara, Public Relations Events and KPRI Quarterly.

C- Compact discs
So far, KPRI has published over 60 CDs on various topics and titles.

Outstanding Publishing Activities

– Preparing, arranging and publishing the first “Public Relations Anthem” in Iran
– Issuance of the first public relations stamp in Iran
– Publication of the first specialized public relations yearbook in Iran
– Translation and publication of the first book of the comprehensive glossary of public relations terms in Iran
– Publication of the book “Public Relations Standards” in four volumes
– Translation and publication of the encyclopedia of public relations in Persian in two volumes

Public Relations Training/Events

– The first international conference on public relations of Iran, 18 editions from 2004 to 2021
– Organizing five editions of national events to study the issues and challenges of public relations in Iran from 2016 to 2021
– Establishing Dr. Hamid Natghi Award, founder of public relations in Iran (2004) and awarding it to prominent public relations figures in the world, including Professor James Groning
– The First International Conference on Public Relations (PR 0.2)
– The first conference on women and public relations/ October 9, 2013
– The first conference to study the role of public relations in the banking industry/ August 16, 2015
– Proposing the establishment of the “High Supreme badge of public relations” and holding its first and second editions at Vahdat Hall in cooperation with the Association of Public Relations Specialists in 2013 and 2016
– Establishing and holding the first and second editions of the congress and international awards of Muslim public relations agents/2011 and December 8, 2012 in Iran and Malaysia
– Commemoration ceremony of the birthday of the public relations industry in the world in Iran
– The first exhibition of Iran’s public relations capabilities and achievements in the House of Representatives (2015)
– Holding the first internet training course in public relations in Iran
– The first conference and celebration of public relations day at Vahdat Hall in collaboration with the Association of Public Relations Specialists, 2013
– Presenting the first International Public Relations Certificate to the participants of the First International Public Relations Conference in Iran (2004)
– Launching the information base of the International Conference on Public Relations of Iran (ICPR) in both Persian and English
– Carrying out more than 150 research and consulting projects
– Holding more than 70 courses and workshops in various PR fields
Management of more than 35 units of public relations, etc.

M. Bagherian, APR

Director of  KPRI

Conference Secretary General

Secewtary General for IAPRS

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